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BDSwiss Donates Computer Stations to the Charitable Association “Funraising”

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“It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education.” These words by Nelson Mandela echoed as we were given a tour around the storehouse of the charitable organisation “Funraising” in Limassol, Cyprus, on December 13, 2023. A visit that served as a  powerful reminder of the impact we can make when we prioritise children and their dreams. 

The BDSwiss team visited the charity’s storehouse to deliver ten fully equipped computer stations to cover the educational needs of children, making a significant contribution to empowering and nurturing young minds. During our visit, our Head of Accounting, Stella Gerolemou, presented a cheque to Ms Carina Savva, the esteemed President of the Board of Directors of this organization, further supporting their noble cause. Carina’s ardent dedication to it, radiated as she graciously showed us around the storehouse, providing insights into their operations and explaining how ‘Funraising’ works towards ensuring educational accessibility for all children, as well as the collection and distribution of essential items to families in need. The unwavering dedication of the whole Funraising team illuminated the transformative power of collective action and philanthropy in paving the way for a bright future.

Stella Gerolemou, Head of Accounting

“It was a true honour to represent BDSwiss and contribute to this organisation. It was a moment reminding us that while some may take these resources for granted, for many children, it is an unattainable reality far from them.”


Elena Yiangou, Senior Event Manager

“Today’s visit left a very special mark on us as we made this contribution, knowing that several children will now be able to educate, grow and chase their dreams with the right digital resources. Witnessing the dedication and passion of the ‘Funraising’ team was a reality check reaffirming the endless power of the collective spirit.”

The exchange was not just a charitable gesture but a shared commitment toward realizing Nelson Mandela’s vision; a world where every child has free access to a quality education. This visit left the BDSwiss team inspired, knowing that their contribution would play a pivotal role in shaping brighter futures for countless young learners.

About the “Funraising” Organisation:

Funraising is a charitable, non-profit association whose mission is to provide an environment where education as a fundamental right for all, is accessible and available to every child, regardless of their circumstances or background. It consists of a 12-member Board of Directors and has more than 100 active members. The organisation has reintegrated numerous university graduates and supported hundreds of children through tutoring programs and evening jobs. Additionally, part of its mission is to distribute packages containing clothing, food, and other essential daily items to underprivileged families. Currently, the organisation supports 500 ‘standard’ families throughout the year. To financially support its activities, “Funraising” also maintains five funds: General Fund Funraising, Scholarship Fund, Tuition and employment fund, Support Fund for children on the Autism Spectrum and Support Fund for children with serious illnesses.

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